Counter culture: The curse of online status

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“Social media is life really. What’re you going to do without social media? How’re you going to connect with people?” These are the opening lines to Hamish Stephenson’s short film documentary, Counter Culture: The Curse of Online Status.” The documentary explores the exploitation of today’s social media, a subject that is especially relevant given Nike’s accusation of their ex-designers buying fake followers on Instagram to falsely boost their attractiveness as a part of their ongoing legal feud with adidas.

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I Wanted To Remind Us We Were People


No one is less or more human than another.

Originally posted on The Prison Arts Coalition:

by Elana Pritchard

About the guest blogger: Elana Pritchard is a cartoonist in Los Angeles.  Before she landed in jail she worked as an animator on Ralph Bakshi’s film, Last Days of Coney Island.  She is currently doing a Kickstarter to finish her animated cartoon, The Circus:

It’s been about a week since the comics I did inside the LA County jail system were first published in the LA Weekly, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the response.  People from all over the world have written to me expressing their support for what I have done and their contempt for inhumane practices for incarcerated peoples everywhere.  I have been in communication with the LA County Sheriff’s department and they have told me that due to these comics they have issued a new policy that all inmates must be given showers within 24 hours of entering the jail.  We…

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Work that inspires…

Becoming Robot: Nam June Paik



tv-bra-for-living-sculpture-for-webiste Web-of-TVs-Paik316-for-website

Science and technology are my constant sources of inspiration lately in my current work, both musically and choreographically. Exploring the relationship between technology and culture, science and ethics are themes of current relevance.

Nam June Paik was ahead of his time. Considered the “father of video art,” his groundbreaking use of video technology blurred past distinctions between science, fine art, and popular culture to create a new visual language. Paik’s interest in exploring the human condition through the lens of technology and science has created a far-reaching legacy that may be seen in broad recognition of new media art.

I am grateful for Paik’s approach to humanizing technology as it has broadened my perspective on what performance-based art can be and how to use it in my own work.

For more in-depth exploration on Nam June Paik:

Nam June Paik ‘s work Becoming Robert is on exhibit at The Asia Society Museum 725 Park Avenue New York, NY until Jan 4th, 2015

Track 1 – Mr Jailer


Mr Jailer – Chinese Bamboo EP

What is the root of our mental captivity and what is our escape plan from the prison of our socially conditioned thinking? Questions I hope to engage the listener in as they have their own internal dialogue.

Ancient Egyptians believed the body to be a prison for the soul, and I do not disagree.

“Mr Jailer” has been featured on The Prison Arts Coalition  &  Those who dig

“Mr Jailer” inspired a ‘Prison art series’ that presented exceptional artwork by incarcerated artists. See the four part series here: series 1 series 2 series 3 series 4

“A visible manifestation of our invisible people”

Track 2 – Traffic


Traffic – Chinese Bamboo EP

The trafficking of people, particularly children is a lucrative and prolific trade today. The mere stats alone do not resonate enough motivation for calls to action, so I wrote this song.

The song “Traffic” has impacted the world in a positive way. It inspired an event titled  “Moving Traffic” – an interactive event using the arts to help and to heal survivors of human trafficking, held on June 12th, 2014. The event raised $5700 for The Mahima Home, a holistic center for minors who have been trafficked in Kolkata, India. #MovingTraffic featured performances by Musicians from Canada and The US, high calibre dance and spoken word. The event itself was also publicly endorsed by Mayor Pat Perkins. To see photos from the event go here