The Origins of PopBellaHall

Popbellahall is the name of the group of dancers i formed to perform with me. Anyone who has seen us smashing showcases throughout Manhattan already knows we are a diverse group of strong beautiful women, (and occasionally men)! Originally we started out with a large group of girls (and guys) who were a combination of professional acquaintances and close friends. It was a varied level of dance expertise, but each dancer brought their own unique contributions and flavour. Some were classically trained dancers, while others were dancehall queens/kings and some were club dancers, and together we collaboratively come up with our own style of movement that we coined as “PopBellaHall”.

These dancers supported me and dedicated their time, talent and energy to my vision, I will be forever grateful to them – for to believe in the dream of a little Canadian gal like me, with no questions asked – even willing to step outside the box in unknown artistic territory – has to be the definition of friendship**** This is my tribute to them, The Popbellahall dancers. I love you all dearly, forever in my heart you all shall stay and the only thing sweeter than success is being able to share it with people you love.

For live footage check us out @ or

Super big shout outs to Moochie DHQ, Wattah Bootz, Kelly Bling, Blacka di danca, Devon, Christine, Nancy, Nicole, my newest edition Shebah Potter and ofcoarse my soldiers at war Samantha Watts and Sarah Rodak xoxo

Ballet+dancehall+POP= PopBellaHall


  1. Thank you maddy I love u and appreciate u for the opportunity. This journey has been worth it all and is only going to grow from here and I can’t wait till you get there popbellahall will always suPport u muahz

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