A life without cause is a life without an effect: Crisis of the video ho

A life without a cause is a life without an effect: crisis of the video ho

by Madeleine Twyman on Saturday, April 23, 2011 at 2:50pm

 It is 2011, so if your goal in life right now is to be a video girl, booty mag model or overall rapper/athlete professional groupie – than you need to read this.There is a difference between dominance and erotica, the difference being that the image of the ‘video girl’ centers around male dominance, while erotica is the mutual depiction of sexual arousal. The video girl’s entire being is geared towards pleasing unconscious male standards of what a sexualized woman should be. These Men are her Master, she is their slave. 

The video ho’s choices are first decided based on what will be most pleasing to this  master, all while repressing her true inner self. With all the time spent on mutilating her body, sewing in the weaves, practicing the application of M.A.C , etc, , the cultivation of the inner self gets thrown to the bottom of the prioritie list. Due to the media’s false glamourization of these said women, we now have a large demographic of misguided females who are destroying themselves and the saddest part of it all is that most of them do not even know they are enslaved. How can one escape prison when they do not know they are a prisoner? Prisonors of an unconscious man’s self serving ideals.

There is such a lack of real, positive images of women, women who reflect the types of women I see and know – according to mainstream media women my age are supposed to only care about Loubitains and competing to be sexually pleasing for men. What amazes me most is that these women are not just successful at projecting a false image to society, but have learned to also succesfully lie to themselves.They pretend they are happy, and when that empty feeling creeps into their soul as it surely does from time to time –  they self medicate with drugs, alchohol, sex, parties or reality television. My question is, Is it their fault, or have we as a society created this feminine crisis? Lets face it, we live in a mad society, where money is GOD and death is unacknowledged. My generation lives as if death is not promised one day, making decisions as if they will live forever. What exactly, may I ask of thes girls, are you living for? To please men? To feed your unhealthy need to be sexually desired? To be a slave to other’s ideals instead of your own? A life without a cause is a life without an effect. it is a futile and pointless existance. Is it the mental and physical abuse we as a society have inflicted on these girls that causes this? Is it the abuse we inflict on ourselves? 

We are women, which by our very definition means that we are all powerful beyond our own beliefs. We create life and give birth to humanity, we are creative, complex beings who excel at leadership and multi-tasking. Fuck the stereotypes you see out there in the unconscious world and seek out the true hidden history of women. They may not have taught it to you in school, but we are more than objects of sexual desire – that is only one component of the many that manifest into being an actualized woman. The madonna/whore theory died ages ago.


Dear video girls; do not be a pawn in societies game of chess. They want you to stay unconscious and confused, a slave to their consurmerism, it is a means of control. They want to repress our feminine power as it is the most threatening presence the unconsious man can ever encounter. Do not give away your power, do not alter your true self to satisfy anyone- know that you should be reverred as the Goddess you truly are. Take control of your true self, of your mind, and of your body. Step outside the box of this reality and look inside: this is not the way its suppossed to be. Little girl lost, where have you gone? Please come back home.

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