Stylist Edition: Mlle Soukena Roussi

Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce to you…..  Soukena Roussi***

Creative directer,



Soukena is not only a dear friend and confident; she is the exclusive stylist for my performances as well as my creative partner in helping me bring my visions to life. Her unique and authentic approach to fashion allows for different facets of my personality to be the main focus of each of my many looks.  Her love for vintage and diverse cultural one of a kind pieces brings an energy and a storyline to her styling.  When I’m putting on my costumes I feel like I’m becoming different parts of myself, I don’t want to feel like I’m playing a part – and Soukena  is able to make that a reality in original and authentic ways.  She is so  innovative and fresh in her fashion forward thinking, taking from the past while creating modern looks which is creating her own signature style. Soukena inspires me on a regular basis, and the only person I ever take style advice from, I love her dearly for her strength, talent  and beauty and for her impeccable creative eye.

Fashion is artistic expression, Soukena Roussi’s expression speaks for itself as she creates beautiful stories for us to see, allowing our minds to tell us the words. Take a look at excerpts of her portfolio below, as well as some behind the scenes footage of us.

Link to Soukena’s blog “La Fille Du LES”


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