Music Edition: ***New Song*** Party Girl

Party Girl

I recently wrote and recorded a new song called “Party Girl”, which was debuted at Webster Hall on March 9th, 2011. I do not have video footage of the live performance but check back later this week as I will be posting some. The song deals with the subject matter of the glamorization of the ‘what appears to be” the female life of the party/ Groupie. It aims to paint the missing pieces of the picture of a life dedicated to playing a role, masking one’s problems and pleasing others before yourself. The consequences and inconveniences these actions cause can best be described as an unawakened state of being that results in great personal loneliness. Loneliness, and separation from one’s true self; is a disease – just like jealousy and greed. In fact, when I first wrote this song it was initially titled “Loneliness”. This song asks the question if women today are mentally and emotionally harming themselves to satisfy male unconscious standards of what a sexualized woman should be? Are they even aware that they are being used as pawns in societies game of chess? The Madonna/whore theory is a means of control.

The cultivation of the mind-body and soul is the actualization of the manifested divine feminine in her cosmic totality.

Here is a link to hear the song “Party Girl” aka “Loneliness” 

I will be performing this song live this week on Tuesday , June 7th @ UC Lounge, and Fri. June 10th @ The Bowery Poetry Club. Look on my “Performance Dates” page for more info.

‘hope you enjoyed me sharing this sneak peak and insight into my new song*

ttys, Love Maddy xoxo


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