So anyone who knows me knows I like to switch it up often….. I believe my hair is an expression of my current mood just as my clothes are. It actually baffles my mind how anyone can rock the same look for so long. Different hair brings out different aspects of one’s personality – It is my armour against the mundane reality of everyday life.

I have been experimenting with my hair since 13, when I first learnt how to dye it on my own*  Short , long, blonde to black and everything in between. I don’t like to follow trends, I do what looks/feels good for me – People are always amazed that I can pull off so many vastly different looks, but the truth is anyone can: It’s all about how you see yourself. Self Transformation, mentally, spiritually and physically.

A lot of people think that mainstream celebrities set the tone of whats hot in regards to hair and fashion, but true trendsetting expression is not derived from financial budgets*** Being broke b4 fame can’t be a reason to not express one’s self as self-expression is a need and often a lack of budget can lead to further creativity. As my Mom always says “necessity is the mother of invention”.

The truth is that celebrities are only a barometer of the times, they tell the temperature of whats hot/cold but rarely are they themselves the actual creators. WE the people, are in fact the trend setters, and celebrities take our lead and capitalize off of it. So don’t feel pressured to want to look like the people you see on tv, instead design the image of how you want to express yourself in your head and watch it manifest…. soon everyone will be following your lead.****




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