Artistic Motivation? Raise your Fingers

It is a universal Law that one reaps what one sows.

The content of today’s “mainstream art”, ie: music, movies, television is under constant critique, and the consensus from respected sources is that it lacks substance and value. Real Art is birthed from the burning need of an Artists obsession with expressing their message – yearning for a platform to simply create and be heard. For the Art itself needs an audience just as a book needs a reader.

Being an Artist is a job, just as is a lawyer, a doctor and say… a teacher for example. A Teacher gets paid an average of $35,000 a year. An actor, recording artist or television star makes an unfathomable amount of money. 

My question is, “If Artists were only paid $35,000 a year, with the promise of no more except a platform for their creations to be heard the world over – how many of today’s mainstream artists would still be hard-working participants in the industry?”

The motivation behind the message is just as critical as the message itself.

Cause and effect.   Music is the soundtrack to our lives, it influences our moods, opinions and VALUES. Look at todays societal values.

We can change our world

We do not have to accept anything less than the truth

The majority is always led, they never lead. Be a critical thinker, do not support the effect, go to the cause.

“Raise your fingers to all the Group Thinkers,

All the Kool-Aid drinkers, All the sheep in the herd

To All the stupid boys and girls

Raise your fingers.” 

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