“No institution could have taught me more insights into life, more in depth human psychology than the actual life experience I gained growing up alone through trial and error right here in NYC. The streets of Brooklyn gave me my strength and character, Harlem my fearlessness and determination and Manhattan my culture and sophistication.”

Madeleine is the new definition of female authenticity. The mysterious and inspired songwriter laid her roots in NYC to study dance at the prestigious Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre. Madeleine’s love of poetry and words helped find her voice at a poetry café in the lower east side where she was soon after recording in Brooklyn under the mentorship of reggae musician Donny Marshall and later in Manhattan, with Sidney Mills of Grammy winning band Steel Pulse.

Madeleine’s unconventional outlook and experiences deliver her captivating blend of singing, rapping and dancing with a rebellious and empowering in your face live show. Her compelling performances throughout Manhattan are a costume clad visual collaboration featuring a troupe of ballerinas, dancehall queens and Pop dancers aptly named “The PopBellaHall Divas”.

Invested in nurturing her talent to its highest potential, Madeleine embraces challenge for the reward of experience in her effort to convey herself through her artistry.

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