In the sea of sameness….

Why do we all wanna look the same? It’s like its a government conspiracy or something….

Thats why current trends are dangerous when they are too trendy – and playing it safe is really a telltale sign of your self-esteem, because if you were really comfortable with who you are you would be able to express that through your self presentation. The truth is many people just find ways to dress themselves in a way that reflects the majority’s opinion of how they think they should look.

I actually feel sad when I’m on the subway and all I see the entire length of the car is endless boring drones dressed in similar conservative ‘uniforms’. Or when I got to a club and everyone is the same version of each other that their personality is no where to be found? Expensive clothes do not make you special either, you’re just a trend follower with a bigger budget.

Don’t they know that fashion is our armour against the mundane reality of our everyday life? Dont they know that everyday  matters, and just because you’re not going to a ball doesn’t mean you can’t wear that ball gown? well, you know where I’m going with that….

I believe that one should dress for themselves and not be afraid of what others will think or be influenced by what others expect from them. I get it if you are working for the man and are contractually obligated to wear khakis and a blue shirt 5 days  a week, but when given the opportunity to take a fashion chance – do it!EXPRESS YOURSELF! Life is too short to spend it like a sheep in a herd trying to look like everyone else, we are all as unique as the print on our fingers and should be free to express our moods and feelings in the garments of our choice. And if anyone should dare say something off the cuff to you as you are walking by in your creative flyness, just remember that is just them envying your courage to be your true self while they are locked up in the confines of societies’ image of what they think they have to be. Escape the mental prison of conformity.

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