Artist Spotlight Edition: Azari & III

Azari & III

Azari & III are a four piece electronic pop band from Toronto, Canada. With their hits ‘Hungry for power’, ‘Maniac’ and ‘Reckless with your love’, they have well over 2 million hits on youtube. They have toured extensively in Europe and just recently played a homecoming show at The Hoxton in Toronto to a ram packed sold out crowd – who says Toronto doesn’t support their own? They sure were friday the 13th. The turn out was def impressive. But Toronto is not the only one impressed, Johnny Depp, Calvin Harris, Mark Ronson and David Guetta are also fans and rumor in the street is that Madonna has invited them to accompany her on tour. This is a band that several years ago was playing small gigs at wrongbar in the underground music scene in T.O. to now murdering stages across the globe. And what is most impressive about this transition is the organic nature of this tried and true testament of hard work. While Canada has seen the superstardom of homegrown heroes Justin Bieber and Drake, both respectively dominating the market in Pop and Hip-hop; people may or may not know that Canadians are also on their way to taking over the Electronic scene as well. Azari and III are made up of Toronto producer Christian Farley aka Dinamo Azari and Alphonse Lanza aka Alixander II with vocals by Fritz Helder and Cedric Gasiada (starving yet full).

I am so impressed with both their sound and their content, which is a rare marriage of attributes in today’s market. Although their music makes for great freeing of the spirit on the dance floor, their lyrics dig deeper at Life’s quanumdrums than your average dance track. They are a wonderful team of artists that create an original vibe that appears to have been authentically cultivated. Kudos to you boys, looking forward to even more success for you all in the future.

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