Brianna Perry: Dear Hip Hop

Brianna Perry: Dear Hip Hop

Brianna Perry has been doing her thing since the tender age of 9, but from the message of this song it seems that she feels that she has not recieved her due credit in the game. She is currently signed to Atlantic Records through Poeboy Music and has worked with the likes of Trina and Missy Elliot in the past. But what strikes me as relevant in her lyrical content is the questions she is raising about the use of sexuality to sell female rap artists. She  makes reference to her “ass being too small”  or “not having a reality show where she can show it all” – and there is validity to these statements. It does appear that the most glorified females are the ones selling out the most theses days. 

I think Brianna has something to say and there is a passionate truth to her statement. I applaud her vision to stay true to herself and to also point out the flaws in the system. There is room for more than one female rapper, many more – and the criteria should be broader than ass and tits ratio and sexual lyric content.

Check out her Dear HIP HOP video here:

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