“The only gift to the creator is one of creativity”

“The only gift to the creator is one of creativity”


Practice makes the master. Everything involves preparation, contemplation and cultivation.

People see the ‘product’ but don’t realize the days, months and years of toil that created a timeless masterpiece. Luck is where that preparation meets an opportunity and sparks a miracle.

Yes I believe in making magic happen. Sometimes throughout my life I have felt as though I am being observed by an unseen presence- causing me to perform an ordinary task as if I were before an audience; I now know this feeling means I am in the presence of Angels. I feel them now. Scary and comforting at the same time. I feel their approval when I am present and creating, they give me gifts of ideas and knowledge and heightened ability – and alas I feel their shame when I’m drunk and foolish, unconscious and weak. But still they do not abandon me…

An outstanding work of art cannot be taken credit for by the artist alone, for it is by the hand of GOD that all creation is created; therefore the only gift to the creator is of creativity.

GOD tells us things we need to hear through people we encounter – random words that our minds remember and change us forever. We are all used as Angels on earth at one time or another. Without inspiration to breathe life into our over thinking minds, how could we survive this life.

Artists are our warriors of the light – enlightening the world in ways that give us hope and faith in humanity. Life expands in glorious ways when we step outside the madness… into the unknown. The unknown is not to be feared all though it is scary, but what is faith without an action? Faith is a verb- it is to be used, it is a gift, just as Grace is… a gift not based on deserving but one based on love, wisdom and understanding. All praise and glory to him the most high.

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