Underground Kings


I would love to share with you all the latest work from my stylist and friend Soukena Roussi. Check out these dope images and read about the inspiration behind them.

Inspired by Drake’s song “Underground Kings”  Sebastian Lucrecio and Soukena Roussi produced an editorial illuminating the talent that lurks in the shadows of the art world. For Lucrecio and Roussi, Underground Kings is all about the talented artists, designers, and models that are working hard and believing in their art, while remaining in the shadows of the unknown. As an Artist from the underground, I find the message so powerful. There are so many talented Artists creating from the desire of creative expression, their voices deserving platforms to be heard. We are force fed so many marketed trends, that expression for the sake of expression is both rewarding for the viewer as it is the creator.

The models in the shoot are all Underground Kings, being casted from everyday life they all embody a certain aesthetic; androgynous, introverted, stylish, and diverse. The concept is beautifully visualized through high contrast black and white photography, which helps to shine a spotlight on the jewelry that gives this shoot such a unique look.

I feel like these photos remind me of raw talent, no man made improvements- just natural beauty in all its splendor. Like looking inside and finding memories of previous lives, from an ancient and wise civilization of the past.

Photographer: Sebastian Lucrecio

Stylist: Soukena Roussi

Hair: Cecilia Romero/ http://amykirkman.com/

Makeup: Junko Kioka/ http://joemanagement.com/

Photo Assistant/Digital Tech: Camila Pesce


India Charmain

Kelsea Tuttle @ Major Model Management

Daria @ Women Management

Louis Mayhew @ Red Model Management

Eugeniy Savchenko @ Major Model Management

Special thanks: http://www.nucleuspro.com/

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