Nina Simone

Nina has been my musical inspiration since I first danced to “Celine Woman” at the Ailey School in 2000.

From that moment on, her music has been the soundtrack to my life.

(Anyone who knows me knows it to be true, for willing or unwillingly they have had to listen to her too:)

Naturally, having read her self-penned autobiography, studying her art and choreogrphing to her music- I think its crazy whats going on with this new biopic. C’mon.

The plot is fictious, the directer is uninformed, her family is uninvolved and the casting is whack.

I said it: The casting is WHACK.

Zoe can be as fine an actress as she wants to be – its not personal, its just not authentic. And authenticity is the rare commodity Nina had, a foreign concept in today’s entertainment industry.

Hello: Viola Davis is the OBVIOUS choice.

Nina Simone did not pretend, she did not compromise, nor did she apologize.

Nina defied all of society’s standards of Race, Beauty, Sexism, Classism, Ageism- all while maintaing a spiritual quaility of unique sonic sound. She came from rual North Carolina to the heights of global fame – Her story not only warrants being told from start to finish – but we as women of all Races need to hear the HER-STORY of this defiant divine feminine presence that once graced our earth.

This patriarichal society has taken all our ‘SHEROS’ (female heroines throughout history) and hidden their stories from the young girls of today – too busy glorifying any other woman who wants to objectify their sexuality. The minute one of us wants to manifest our Intelligence, Spirituality and Sexuality we are demeaned with a whack biopic about a gay lover we never had played by a woman who needs the same fake human parts as the Kim K’s to portray one of the realest women of our generation.


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