Black Her-Story Month: Kathleen Cleaver


Beauty. Brains. Power.
yeah, I’m talking bout the ‘Toatal Package” kinda woman.
Kathleen Cleaver is an example of a powerful mind, a powerful presence, a powerful woman.

Kathleen Cleaver 1

Kathleen Cleaver was the first female member of the Black Panther Party’s decision making body. Kathleen was the wife of Eldridge Cleaver and she currently serves as a Professor of Law and Senior Lecturer at Yale University.


Kathleen, like many of the women involved in the Civil Rights Movement, sought an equal partnership alongside her male peers. Although she found more freedom as a woman in the Black Panthers, she discovered that sexism remained a problem. Kathleen noted that ideas offered by men were immediately implemented, while the same ideas when posed by women were ignored. “The suggestion itself,” she explained, “was never viewed objectively. The fact that the suggestion came from a woman gave it lesser value.”


To all the young girls today: here is a Strong, Smart, Stylish Game Changing Wo-man. Just in case no one told you they existed.

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