Prison Art Series: featured Artist “Vernon Patrick Bernard”

I am pleased to announce the new featured “Prison Art Series” on!!!
This will be a regular visual arts series featuring the incredible artwork of Artists currently incarcerated in prisons throughout North America.

There is tremendous talent hidden behind prison bars.
Welcome to this visible manifestation of our culture’s invisible people.

I am pleased to announce the first Artist of the Series:
Vernon Patrick Bernard

“human being”
patrick berhnard human being

patrick bernard culture

patrick bernard famous

“I am here”
patrick bernard i am here

patrick bernard reality

“Gang Signs”
patrick bernard gang signs

Bernard Patrick is an incredibly talented Artist. I am in love with the raw emotional truth of his work, his style is reminiscent of Basquiat. These pieces have been featured in several galleries and shows. In his very first letter to curator Victoria Tierney, Bernard announced:

“I AM 6′, 4″ and 300 lbs; I am crammed into this little 7 x 5 foot cell. It’s awful, hideously synchronized with descended anguish and chaos. I would be interested in giving you some works for show.”
Thus began an outpouring of over 100 works, some hurried scribbles, other carefully constructed quite amazing works of art by a brilliant but deeply troubled artist.


  1. I really admire what you are doing Madeleine. It is a great gesture to have interest in those talented prisoners,it’s a good way for them to have a voice and be connected to the world. Bravo!

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