Prison Art Series # 2: “Jerome Sloan”


There is tremendous talent hidden behind prison bars.
Welcome to this visible manifestation of our culture’s invisible people.

So as you know my new single is titled “Mr Jailer”, shedding light on the current crisis of the prison industrial complex while using it as a symbol of the enslavement of the ego jailing us all.

This week’s Prison Art Series #2 Artist is Jerome Sloan
Jerome is incarcerated at Snake River Correctional institution in Ontario. where he is serving a life sentence with no possibility of parole. He is only 36 years old.
Jerome Sloan was one of 48 artists from the 13 Western States chosen for inclusion in the Coos Art Museum’s EXPRESSIONS WEST show for 2012.

I love his use of the theme of ‘Time’, turning into time, time looking back. Beautiful.





*** I am taking the stance of non- judgement, of forgiveness, of justice.
Only love is real.
WE are all as bad as the worst and as good as the best of us.
We are one.

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