Madeleine the Artist

Mary Madeleine_72dpi_WEB
Photo credit Jaylyn Todd
hair/make up/styling M. Twyman

‘Mary Madeleine”

They say the last 30 years of her life were spent in a desolate cave

and that seven times a day Angels took her to the summit of the mountain to pray

she wasnt really that bad

just interrupted that way

With eyes full of dangerous charms and always a different lover on her arm

she threw public opinion to the wind

let them call her actions sins

Because some kind of deeper love brewed within

women looked at her with curiosity and admiration

men with eyes only of temptation

they associated her with a cult they said was pagan

and all her called her a whore were greatly mistaken

and it could have just been a misinterpretation based on the seven stages of initiation

and some say she did use her charm for manipulation

but for all her sins she was forgiven

and from that point on the truth was no longer hidden that she had loved much

and those whom she touched knew it to be true

and those who didnt didnt really have a clue

because a daughter of wisdom is unknown to the foolish which means 85% will remain clueless

Now it is known that her bloodline is made of rose

and to seven devils her body was once an abode

until fountains of tears cleansed her soul

a nobody girl from the town of Magdala

who grew up to become the jewish Inanna

Luke 7:47

ultimately one of the most powerful women in Heaven

from whore to virgin

above all men

this is the woman behind the legend of

Mary Magdalene

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