Young Dancer’s Spotlight: Katie Davis

Young Dancer’s Spotlight: Katie Davis

I have the pleasure of coaching and mentoring a group of very talented and committed young dancers. We have been working together since last summer, and I have choreographed different pieces on each of them. One of theses dancers is a young girl by the name of Katie Davis. Katie recently just turned 13 years old but has a work ethic far beyond her years. I set a modern dance solo on her titled ‘Asymmetrical Symmetries’ and despite it being her first time performing in this genre, she did it with grace and dedication. The piece is angular and sharp, with a touch of Nijinsky’s madness and a sprinkle of Martha’s intensity. I love working with this young dancer, her talent is undeniable and watching her grow as an artist is an amazing privilege. Last weekend Katie competed at Starcatchers Dance Competition and landed in the top ten junior soloists out of hundreds of young dancers. She was also awarded a scholarship sponsored by The National Ballet of Canada for earning the top ballet award of the entire competition.

Madeleine’s Mind is proud to present Katie Davis as the first edition of our ‘Young Dancer Spotlight“! Check out these amazing photos of her in action!!

Dancer: Katie Davis choreographed by: Madeleine Twyman






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