Dance Edition: Blacka Di Danca

Introducing Blacki Di Danca

This young man is doing big things in the dancehall scene, on a global scale.
I had the privlege of getting to know Blacka when we worked together on my Pop bella hall project several years ago. Watching him grow into this fearless trendsetter has been an inspirational pleasure. blacka2

Blacka had an undeniable passion for dance since the first day I met him, he is a natural dancer that brings a spiritual quality to his style of dancehall. He has recently returned to New York fresh off a solo European tour where he taught dancehall workshops in countries like Russia, England, Italy, France, Germany amongst many others. Keeping up with his instagram is like following a travel channel, the boy gets around.
What is so impressive and inspiring about Blacka is his fearless determination and commitment to his vision. He wants to share the beauty and culture of dancehall with the world, and with a positive and humble spirit he went out and did just that. Can’t wait to bring him to Toronto to teach a workshop at the new DSBCD studios***

check out this video of one of Blacka’s workshops in the UK:

Madeleine’s mind is pleased to present Blacka Di Dancer as our ‘Mind Influencer’.
Check out more info and stay connected with him here:
Facebook: Blacka Fan page


  1. Great dancer, great person!! A lot of people should learn from him how to live as a dancer, instead to “use” dance for living.

    Big up to my bro! and big up to you Madeleine, nice piece!

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