EP Reviews

It may sound like a bit of exaggeration for some of our readers but it will not be a mistake to state that Madeleine is catching up with the legacy of Lt. Martha Graham herself whose endeavors are embraced by every artistic genre. – Indie band Guru

“Electronics mixed with a retro vibe and delivered with a pop matter make the “Chinese Bamboo” an excelent release.” – Musie eyes Review

When we heard “10,000 Years” for the first time, we were speechless. It’s very uncommon to listen to such a powerful song that comes from a young emerging artist. It is an absolutely epic piece of work and one of our first choices for the compilation -BeeFM Indiescovered

“Mr. Jailer,” has an undeniable reggae feel, which I like. It has an interesting narrative that can be a straightforward story about someone dealing with the consequences of crime, but you can zoom out more broadly to the things by which we may feel trapped, whatever they are” – Those who dig

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