Knowledge Takers

To all my influencers and visionaries: When you are a powerful personality people will flock to you, but beware their intentions. Just because you are loving doesn’t mean everyone else is and sometimes we have to learn to turn away people who are not ready for the knowledge we can share with them. This poem is […]

What’s on my mind: a revolution of ideas

What is the difference between creating and contributing to positive growth? Is it enough to achieve without making the world better? Through artistic creation we can awaken, awaken humanity towards the realization of love and the only remedy. It will be individual revelation that will be the revolution. It will be individual inner change that […]

Counter culture: The curse of online status

via Hypebeast “Social media is life really. What’re you going to do without social media? How’re you going to connect with people?” These are the opening lines to Hamish Stephenson’s short film documentary, Counter Culture: The Curse of Online Status.” The documentary explores the exploitation of today’s social media, a subject that is especially relevant […]