Counter culture: The curse of online status

via Hypebeast “Social media is life really. What’re you going to do without social media? How’re you going to connect with people?” These are the opening lines to Hamish Stephenson’s short film documentary, Counter Culture: The Curse of Online Status.” The documentary explores the exploitation of today’s social media, a subject that is especially relevant […]

I Wanted To Remind Us We Were People

Originally posted on The Prison Arts Coalition:
by Elana Pritchard About the guest blogger: Elana Pritchard is a cartoonist in Los Angeles.  Before she landed in jail she worked as an animator on Ralph Bakshi’s film, Last Days of Coney Island.  She is currently doing a Kickstarter to finish her animated cartoon, The Circus:…

Prison Art Series #3: “Joseph LeFever”

The Prison Art Series is a weekly series on in honor of #MrJailer (my new single), featuring talented artists hidden behind bars. Welcome to the visible manifestation of our invisible people. May I introduce to you “Joseph LeFever”,’s third featured Artist! I am in-love with the spiritual content of Mr. Lefever’s work and […]