Today, a new kind of woman is emerging… creative, strong, spiritual, sensual. A manifestation of many. A throwback to an ancient breed of yesterday.

Madeleine is a storyteller both sonically and visually and uses songwriting and choreography as integral elements of her live show. Madeleine is no stranger to the stages of some of the most celebrated music venues in New York City and Toronto.

“Females in this industry are a dime a dozen. Having a presence is important and Madeleine Twyman definitely has it. Utilizing her skill in music and dance, she is making noise all over New York City, she has the ability to captivate and entertain her audience with her lyrics and choreography. With lyrics equipped with messages that people need to hear, Madeleine takes her performance to new heights.”

– Lady Blogga, Journalist from StupidDope.com

Most recently, Madeleine presented a social inter active event using music and dance to help heal survivors of human trafficking. The event, “Moving Traffic” was sponsored by Partners International and featured musicians, artists and dancers from Canada and the US coming together to create awareness through their work.

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Ms. Twyman’s single ‘Body Parts’ earned her an Underground Music Award nomination for her live show ‘Madeleine’s Mind’, which featured her self produced original music. “Body Parts” was a social message with lyrics that expressed the glorification of plastic surgery and explored feminine reality. “Madeleine’s Mind” was performed in over 60 shows throughout Manhattan, was the winner of several music competitions including The Hot 97 Music Showcase and opened the race at the ING NYC marathon.

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Madeleines’ EP “Chinese Bamboo” is currently available on iTunes and is a sonic depiction of the amazing growth process of the plant parallel to the lessons of our own evolutionary growth.

Madeleine is passionate about helping to facilitate a global growth in positive social change through the arts, currently the owner of The Durham School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance, an arts organization that encourages youth towards excellence.




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